Who We are

We would like to welcome you to Ducs.ca. Canada’s newest and most active Ducati Specific website.

We are made up of male and female Ducati owners and enthusiasts. Our bikes range from vintage to track specific and brand new showroom models. We are a friendly and easygoing Ducatista motorcycle community. You can see us at local track days or weekday evening night meets and longer weekend rides up north.

We started in 2010 doing (DDR) Ducati Day Rides on weekends and have grown into a specific invite only website with a healthy Ducati community of 150 plus active members that own over 200 bikes. Were primarily based out of Toronto and surrounding areas but are growing quickly across Canada picking up avid and involved members across the country from Vancouver to PEI.

Ducs.ca is a great place to meet other Ducati owners, find new friends to ride with, get local technical advice from Ducati specific licenced mechanics, buy and sell parts and gear, learn about motorcycle events of all kinds and embrace the Ducatista Lifestyle. If you are a new Ducati owner, a long time multi bike owner or researching a possible Ducati purchase, you will find a lot of useful info and experience on here.

So go ahead and request a sign up and introduce yourself with a blurb and pic of your Ducati(s) and be involved in the Canadian Ducatista lifestyle.